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When, where & how you want... has the duty to provide accessibility of this portfolio for all platforms and devices available. This the reason that I'm working in the continuous improvement of this portfolio, as well as taking care with syntax code faults that can be produced by the change of platforms and devices.

The Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content provides an international set of guidelines. They are developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the governing body of the web. These guidelines are the basis for most of the web accessibility laws in the world. These guidelines are based on four principles:

Perceptible: Available for the senses (mainly vision and hearing) or through the browser or through assistive devices (eg screen readers, screen magnifiers, etc.)

Operable: Users can interact with all controls and interactive elements using the mouse, a keyboard or an assistive device.

Understandable: The content is clear and limited of confusion and ambiguity.

Robust: A wide range of technologies (including new and old user agents and assistive technologies) can access the content.

The first letters of these four principles spell the word POUR. This may help you remember.

In the case where errors are encountered, please contact me, I'm in web development phase in order to obtain a certification of W3C validator code, which indicate that this portfolio is compatible with your system or device.


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