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After my studies, I have obtained a wide experience in different areas of work and study, such as University Projects, Naval Projects and Automotive Projects.

In the University Projects, I could apply all the knowledge learned for the development of different control systems. Since the creation of a new device, until the reparation, modification and improvement it.

Regarding the Naval Area, I have learned to make technical specifications for the implementation of automation control systems to control them through a SCADA system. Applying the maritime regulations for each device and getting the approval for naval audits on installed systems. As well as training crew for make a proper use of new equipment installed.

I've also been done technical assistance and commissioning on board for tune the automation equipment:

     - Fire detection system with more than 300 checkpoints.
     - Power plants management with 5 combined generators - 1.5 MW (x2) + 600 KW (x3).
     - Waterjet Control System, # 1 in propulsion systems.
     - Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS), more than 5000 alarms on touch screens.
     - Configuration, programming and implementation of specific SCADA software.
     - Repair and assembly the electronic navigation systems.

Currently, I am focusing in the automotive knowledges, as the various processes to be implemented in the field of engineering, for interior systems in cars.

Improving manufacturing processes, reducing costs, increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Due analyzing failure modes and potential effects (AMFEs) in design and process documents, where we define, measure, analyze, improve and control all processes.

Just as trials in different final tested parts, the optimization of raw materials through the digitization of cutting patterns, and the logistics for the launching of new prototypes.

Also to perform postgraduate courses, i got the capacity to develop web pages and multimedia applications, as well as learn the programming language HTML, PHP or C++ for specific programs of my career or for professional applications.

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