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Coast Guard Patrol

Customs Surveillance Service (SVA) is a police nature service which operates in the fight against smuggling, money laundering and tax fraud. Organically under the Department of Customs and Excise Tax Agency (AEAT).

Its operations and investigations are aimed at the suppression of crimes and offenses punishable under the Law Enforcement Contraband, throughout the Spanish territory, airspace and waters under their jurisdiction, although, the means available to enable you to interceptions and boardings of vessels engaged in drug trafficking in international waters.

To these must be added those given by the tax office as regards economic crimes, including the fight against corruption and fraud investigation in foreign trade, etc...

Its officers have the status of agents of the Authority and given the tasks they perform, are authorized to use firearms. These are also the legal status of employees of the State Security Forces with those acting in coordination, and often conduct joint operations, especially against drug trafficking.

Historical Summary of Commissioning

 Patrol Boat: ABANTO
 January 29, 2010

 Patrol Boat: ALBATROS
 February 8, 2010

 Patrol Boat: ALCOTÁN
 December 14, 2009

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