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Ship Name: LAGAN
IMO Number: 9441219
Shipyard: Armón Shipyard
Shipowner: J&L Shipping S. L.
Construction: C/54
Tonnage: 6.800 Tn.
Ship Type: Asphalt Vessel
Lenght: 105 meters
Destination: Portugal
Ship Status: Delivered

March 10, 2008

This boat is Asphalt Vessel type which is called to each type of ship that carries the product that leaves denser oil refineries to factories where it is mixed with aggregate for asphalt that is used in construction, this is maintained in a semi-liquid state by huge boilers with high temperatures. The ship's tanks have a capacity and 7,000 cubic meters of asphalt.

In this ship I have installed and configured the Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) in order to check and control all the boat status. Also I have done the installation of the call system for drivers & chief engineers.

Attached video where you can see the vessel sailing in his transportation route.

Trip to Vigo (SPAIN) for the initial commissioning and sea trials.

Assistance Map

Further Images
Inner & Outer

Main Deck

Bridge Controls


Engine Room

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