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Boluda Shipyard

Nearly two centuries plying the world's seas is more than enough time for Boluda Corporación Marítima to be able to show itself for what it is today: a solid, well established business group and a leader in the shipping sector at international level.

An indisputable leadership based on three principles: quality, expansion and diversification. Ever since its beginnings, Boluda Corporación Marítima has shown rapid and solid growth, diversifying its business areas and broadening its commercial shipping related activities.

Nowadays our activities are managed through a number of different business divisions covering harbour towage, off-shore, marine salvage, marine transport of goods, shipbuilding and repair, tanker transport and supply of hydrocarbon fuels, operation of cargo terminals, shipping and forwarding agency.

Historical Summary of Commissioning

 Tugboat: V.B. Bravo
 June 23, 2009


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