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Ship Name: V.B. BRAVO
IMO Number: 9402201
Shipyard: Unión Naval de Valencia
Shipowner: Vicente Boluda Group
Maritime Corporation
Construction: C/389
Tonnage: 750 Tn.
Ship Type: Tugboat
Lenght: 35 meters
Destination: Huelva, SPAIN
Ship Status: Delivered

June 23, 2009

This is a tugboat, which is used to help maneuver to other boats, mostly by pull or push to vessels through a rope in ports, rivers, etc ... With a huge power of their engines.

Basically the aim is to guide carefully the boat to his platform of destination where the bridge crane will perform the loading and unloading. In some cases the tugboat can lead the representation of the port authority, and also the captain in order to garantee the prevention of accidents and collisions with structures, in the port and other vessels.

In this ship I have installed and configured the Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) in order to check and control all the boat status. Also I have done the installation of the call system for drivers & chief engineers. And I have done the control & management of the power plant system (PMS).

Video where you can see the V.B. Bravo in test maneuvering, also a video from the Spanish TV relating the life on board a tugboat in real working conditions.

Trip to Valencia (Spain) for the initial commissioning and sea trials.

Assistance Map

Further Images
Inner & Outer

Fi-Fi Test (Fire Fighting) 

Bridge Area

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Construction Process
Valencia's Shipyard (SPAIN)

Construction 01

Construction 02

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