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Ship Name: RED WOLF
IMO Number: 9361419
Shipyard: Astilleros Balenciaga
Shipowner: REPASA
Remolcadores de puerto y altura
Construction: C/394
Tonnage: 470 Ton.
Ship Type: AHT Tugboat
(Anchor Handling Tugs)
Lenght: 34 meters
Destination: Worldwide
Ship Status: Delivered

September 10, 2007

Third tugboat review, for Repasa's series at Balenciaga Shipyard, same tug that those built earlier. New construction tugboat.

Type Tug AHT (Anchor Handling Tugs) which supply oil rigs, tow them to location, anchor them up and, in a few cases, serve as an Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessel. AHTS differ from the rest in being fitted with winches for towing and anchor handling, having an open stern to allow the decking of anchors, and having more power to increase the bollard pull. The machinery is specifically designed for anchor handling operations.

They also have arrangements for quick anchor release, which is operable from the bridge or other normally manned location in direct communication with the bridge. The reference load used in the design and testing of the towing winch is twice the static bollard pull.

Assistance and commissioning done at the port of Zumaia (Spain) and completed the sea trials in Pasajes (Spain).

In this ship I have installed and configured the Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) in order to check and control all the boat status, and the Firefight Station on board. Also I have done the installation of the call system for drivers & chief engineers. And I have done the control & management of the power plant system (PMS).

Video attached where you can see the Red Wolf towing a ship in distress, with sea force 8 in Douglas Sea Scale, this one is a scale which measures the height of the waves and also measures the swell of the sea.

Trip to Bilbao - Zumaia - Pasajes for the initial commissioning and sea trials.

Assistance Map 

Further Pictures

Sea trials in Pasajes - Basque Country (SPAIN)

Main Deck


Living Room

Engine Room

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