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Maritime Rescue Fleet

The Society of Maritime Rescue Fleet Agency, also known by the acronym SASEMAR, is a public company in charge of maritime safety in Spanish waters. Is under direct dependence of the Spanish Ministry of Development by the Merchant Marine General Director. It was founded in 1992.

The main task of the Society of Maritime Rescue Fleet Agency, is carrying out search and rescue operations in areas of responsibility assigned to Spain, covering more than 1.500.000 km2. Also assigned to other tasks such as marine pollution, maritime traffic control (especially in high traffic areas such as the Strait of Gibraltar and the traffic separation scheme (TSS) to Finisterre, and direct assistance to boats.

Historical Summary of Commissioning

 Rescue Vessel: MARÍA MAEZTU
 December 19, 2007

 Rescue Vessel: MARÍA ZAMBRANO
 February 11, 2008

 Rescue Vessel: MARÍA PITA
 April 29, 2008

 Rescue Vessel: MARTA MATA
 July 21, 2008

 Fast Action Boat: CALIOPE
 October 15, 2008

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