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Ship Name: MARÍA MAEZTU (BS-13)
IMO Number: 9429091
Shipyard: Valencia's Shipyard
Shipowner: SASEMAR
Maritime Safety Agency
Construction: C/461
Tonnage: 913 Ton.
Ship Type: AHT Tugboat
(Anchor Handling Tugs)
Lenght: 40 meters
Destination: Cantabric Sea
Ship Status: Delivered

December 19, 2007

(BS-13) Rescue Vessel - This ship is the first of 4 vessels twins for Maritime Safety Agency built at Valencia's Shipyard. These are designed to perform in different kinds of missions. Furthermore these vessels could towing vessels and help other boats in problems, also have the ability to fight fires at sea, marine pollution response and salvage of castaways.

In this ship I have installed and configured the Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) in order to check and control all the boat status. Also I have done the installation of the call system for drivers & chief engineers. And I have done the control & management of the power plant system (PMS).

Trip to Valencia for the initial commissioning and sea trials.
Afterward I have done a technical assistance in Bilbao.

Assistance Map 

Further Pictures
Sea trials - Valencia (SPAIN)

Main Deck

Main Deck Machinery


Engine Control Room

Engine Room 

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Construction Process
Valencia's Shipyard (SPAIN)

Construction of Upper Decks

Construction of Hull and Propellers

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