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IMO Number: 9372688
Shipyard: Astilleros de Sevilla
Shipowner: SEATRUCK Ferries
Warrenpoint (Ireland)
Construction: C/822
Tonnage: 14.759 Ton.
Ship Type: RO-RO Cargo
Lenght: 142 meters
Destination: Liverpool, UK.
Ship Status: Delivered

February 18, 2009

This vessel is a Container - Ro-Ro type which is known to all types of vessel who transport cargo-carrying road. The 'Clipper Pennant' performs services between Northern Ireland, England and Scotland. Today is the third sister vessel of the Seatruck Clipper Series of new construction.

In this ship I have installed and configured the Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) in order to check and control all the boat status, and the Firefight Station on board. Also I have done the installation of the call system for drivers & chief engineers. And I have done the control & management of the power plant system (PMS).

Attached video where you can see the Clipper Pennant sailing in his transportation route, and some of the maneuvers and sea trials recorded on board.

Trip to Seville (SPAIN) for the initial commissioning and sea trials.

Assistance Map

Bridge Area
Sea Trials in Huelva (SPAIN)

Technicians in Bridge Upper Deck

Stardboard Main Controls

Bridge Deck

Nautical Chart

Bridge Controls

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Sea Trials in Huelva (SPAIN)

Main Deck in Gibraltar (ES)

Stability Tests

Lifeboat for 32 people

Technicians on Board

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Engines Area
Sea Trials in Huelva (SPAIN)

Engine Control Room

Engine Room

Keel Tunnel

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Construction Process
Sea Trials in Huelva (SPAIN)

Construction in Dry Dock

Construction Stern Thrusters

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