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Traveling is a way of personal knowledge...

Experience new cultures, discovering new ways, learn new languages, meet new friends, are among the many things that led me to travel.

Sometimes we make everyday life too boring, too banal, too monotonous. The days are so similar than the day before, and the time flies and what happens to our lives... How we enjoyed our life? How we have spent the time for ourselves? The experience gained, and the things learned. Are we satisfied? Many times no.

Thousands of questions like those, can stop the routine day at any time, anywhere. And we want to break it, revealing, we need a change. One of us choose to travel sometimes to feel more alive. While others make their daily travel, that's another story.

Although we love the life we lead every day, there always comes a time when the ordinary becomes desperate, the man is restless by nature, some more than others, true, and travelers often do so for existential reasons or because they need to live new experiences.

There are so many wonderful places to discover, so many routes and many magnificent and fascinating ways of life, that is not worth staying at home for watching TV for not to complicate our lives.

The best that can happen to anyone, on many occasions, is to complicate your life and encouraged to leave, even for a few days, maybe a year or a lifetime. Why forget pleasures such as being able to wake up one day to watch the sunrise behind the mountains stunning, breathing seabreeze, or leaving footprints on lost routes, or to do all of them with lovely company. A travel can give us the feeling of freedom that we need.

Every person who values himself, knows that he deserves the best, and if a trip can help us to grow up, to feel more alive and full in the world. Why resist? We can become a great travelers, even in small trips. You just need to have enough courage to take the first step, and to challenge our limits to cross borders more important than geographical boundaries.

Come, take heart, take courage, you're the only one who have the power, no one else will live your life. No one else will make your travel.

Bon voyage!

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